Deaconess' Ministry


I Timothy 3:11 states that " Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things."  One comentary translated wives as "women helpers" or deaconesses.  It is unclear whether this verse refers to wives of deacons or female leaders of the church (such as Phebe, the deaconess mentioned in Romans 16:1).  In either case, Paul expects the behavior of prominent women in the church to be just as responsible and blameless as that of prominent men.


Sis. Bertha Thorpe, president of the Deaconess Ministry, and her core of deaconesses work diligently to support the pastor and the Deacons' Ministry to ensure the successful operations of God's House.
The Deaconess' Ministry consists of the following members pictured above from left to right:
Sis. Argie Stephens
Sis. Bertha Thorpe-President
Sis. Mamie Brennon-Mother of the Church
Sis. Sandra Clark-First Lady of WMBC
Sis. Roslyn Blackshear
Sis. Carolyn Palmer-Church Clerk
Sis. Mary Jackson-not shown
Sis. Ernestine Moran-not shown
Sis. Yvonne Holmes-not shown
Sis. Dorothy Palmer-not shown
Sis. Dorothy Pearson-Minister's  Wife-not shown


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